ThumbDV - AMBEServer #thumbdv



I have a ThumbDV running at 460K.

It runs fine with AMBEServer in half duplex mode sending either SPEECH packet or CHANNEL packet.

I am sending companded 160 byte audio packets and get back the AMBE packet OK and this runs at 50 packets per second as expected.


If I then loop the AMBE packets back I only see ~34 packets per second being looped back and if I stop sending packets it keeps going for quite a while as they have been buffered.


It also will do an internal hard reset when it gets really upset -


Received Serial data packet with type 0 and length 1:

0000:  61 00 01 00 39


I know the chip is supposed to do full duplex but has anybody tried it successfully?

As at this point I do not know if it is a limitation of the AMBE chip in packet mode or something stupid I am doing!



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