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Thank you found it and it is compatible.  Which app would you use with the TM-D710G running APRS with a weather station?


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The TM-D710G does have a 6-pin DIN jack compatible with DRAWS. It's on
back panel of the radio unit and labeled DATA.


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> John,
> I have a Kenwood TM-D710G and several ICOM HF rigs.  None have a 6 pin jack.  So you recommend that I fabricate a plug to match the pin config with of the supplied 6 pin cables.
> Did you supply a pin configuration for your supplied cables?  Also, the ICOM seems to have a common 8 pin ACC connector but does not have the PTT, DISC or AFOUT, AFIN, and SQL (plus GND) you list.  However, the mic connector has all but a DISC.  Do you intend to use the mic connector and what is DISC?

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