Re: RPi / DRAWs Connectivity in the Field and at Home #draws #field #networking #avahi


You can put more than one network stanza in wpa_supplicant.conf 

On Thu, Apr 4, 2019, 19:18 John Roy <johnroy71@...> wrote:
The instructions Julian provided were excellent. Easy to follow and worked the first time. But if I read correctly, the original poster is needing a way to connect wirelessly to the home network, and then when in the field, have the Pi realize that there is no home network and start the wireless hotspot. That is exactly what I need also. I really don't want yet another box (network extender), power cable, and LAN cable taking up space.  That is the whole reason I wanted the DRAWS in the first place, to eliminate clutter. Why did I go ahead and try Julian's recommendation? Because even though it wasn't what I needed, I needed to make sure that I was actually capable of following instructions! I have tried 3 different tutorials and none of them have worked.  After 3 failed attempts, I was truly beginning to think it was operator error. 

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