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Steve McGrane <temporarilyoffline@...>

Congrats on getting through the setup portion!

Sounds like you're only connecting through USB?

If you're not connecting through the ports on the draws to the radio, then it wouldn't be a draws problem.

Can you connect your draws hat to your radio through one of the 6-pin ports and use the draws audio ports without it freezing?

- Steve, KM9G

On Wed, Apr 10, 2019 at 4:48 PM KeithG [KG1MD] <keithgold@...> wrote:
I burned the image to a chip, booted the pi/draws hat and had no trouble following the update instructions to update the software/system.
I am using a monitor, keyboard and mouse directly connected to the pi.
I have been able to get my ICOM IC-7300 and pi to talk together and pass audio both ways using the IC-7300 USB connector plugged into the pi.  I have tried and configured all of the non packet modes with success!
[Not being particularly savy with the pi or my new IC-7300, I am quite prowd that I have been able to get this far :)]

The one BIG issue that I am having is using fldigi - the main reason that I got the draws hat:

I have it working and communicating via the USB like the other software.  The issue is that fldigi will load and run perfectly for only a few minutes, then without changing anything on the radio or pi, the waterfall will start to pause/stutter, getting worse as the minutes go by until the program will ultimately freeze requiring a reboot.  Not even taskmanager is able to kill it every time.

The drop down menus will sometimes work for a bit before the program ultimately crashes.

When I frist got fldigi working, I made several contacts on PSK31 and CW, but then it started acting up and getting flaky.  I had been using a 2.5A 5V wall wart to power the pi/draws and thought that it may have been the power, so I connected the 12V hat leads to my 12V supply with no change in the behavior of fldigi.  The other software all seem to continue to work fine.

Any suggestions will be GREATLY appreciated!  [I'm DYING to try some of the other digital modes and see if I can get WEFAX images and SSTV!!]

Thank you in advance!

Keith KG1MD

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