locked DRAWS + FT-891 + WSJT-X/FT8

Steve McGrane <temporarilyoffline@...>

Trying to get WSJT-X working for the next video. Details First, Questions at the end.

Radio: Yaesu FT-891
CAT control works over USB
Radio connected via LEFT Audio port (closest to GPS port)
RIGHT Audio port disabled via DRAWS Manager
I’ve ran `sudo bin/setalsa-ft817.sh`

Audio Input of `sysdefault:CARD=udrc/Mono` works fine and I’m decoding signals

I am unable to find an audio output setting that does anything.  Valid choices are:


This radio works fine with a separate signalink and linux PC.

The FT-891 manuals do not specify what the “Peak to Peak Input Voltage” is, so I can not complete the calculations.

It appears that when the software triggers the PTT, that ambient shack noise is being transmitted instead of the audio/data stream from the DRAWS. (I can't whistle FT8 yet, but I'm getting close)

I have not pulled out pin 6 yet, the prev thread with Julian didn’t conclude if that was necessary or not.

  1. What is the Peak to Peak Input Voltage of the FT-891
  2. What is the proper sound output device
  3. Any suggestions for what might be missing or what to try next?
Steve, KM9G

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