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Julian OH8STN <julian@...>

Hi Steve.
Just to be clear, I have never gotten the Yaesu ft-891 to work well with the DRAWS hat. It works, but not without lots of noise. So weak signal digital work on HF isn't possible at the moment. I'm sure it's just the levels, but the perfect configuration has been on a unobtainable. Like you I have a working system with both the zlp miniproSC and Wolphilink.

Pulling Pin 6 is necessary. 
Johns comment about the menu setting would make sense if you didn't already have the signalink working. If you have the rear Port selected already, you may be experiencing the same noise as I have on the DRAWS hat, with the ft-891. I'm very suspicious of Johns comment regarding the ft-891 working "well" with the DRAWS hat. Like I said "it works", but its not nearly as quiet, or as simple to get the levels right as the Signalink, Zlp miniproSC or wolphilink with a usb soundcard. 

I'm sorry I never finished that thread with the ft-891. I was so frustrated, I needed to put everything down, let the documentation and beta images mature, then come back to it. I'm hoping beta 10 will be the one. Other than those very finicky levels, everything else works really well. The GPS, external power, the software packages, ...

Julian oh8stn 

Julian OH8STN

On 11 Apr 2019 01:15, Steve McGrane <temporarilyoffline@...> wrote:
Trying to get WSJT-X working for the next video. Details First, Questions at the end.

Radio: Yaesu FT-891
CAT control works over USB
Radio connected via LEFT Audio port (closest to GPS port)
RIGHT Audio port disabled via DRAWS Manager
I’ve ran `sudo bin/setalsa-ft817.sh`

Audio Input of `sysdefault:CARD=udrc/Mono` works fine and I’m decoding signals

I am unable to find an audio output setting that does anything.  Valid choices are:


This radio works fine with a separate signalink and linux PC.

The FT-891 manuals do not specify what the “Peak to Peak Input Voltage” is, so I can not complete the calculations.

It appears that when the software triggers the PTT, that ambient shack noise is being transmitted instead of the audio/data stream from the DRAWS. (I can't whistle FT8 yet, but I'm getting close)

I have not pulled out pin 6 yet, the prev thread with Julian didn’t conclude if that was necessary or not.

  1. What is the Peak to Peak Input Voltage of the FT-891
  2. What is the proper sound output device
  3. Any suggestions for what might be missing or what to try next?
Steve, KM9G

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