Re: fldigi with DRAWS #draws #fldigi

Steve, N9VW

A short answer to your question.

In your case with the ICOM products you are %100 correct in that most of the things you want to do are embedded in the radio. However, you are limiting yourself in many other opportunities.  The DRAWS hat provides you with two interfaces to work with along with a much more capable CODEC for a stunning variety of other applications and modes. It is an experimentation environment ripe for you to go and expand your horizons.

Hope this helps...
73 de Steve, N9VW

On 4/12/2019 6:39 AM, Dave Phelps wrote:
I'm curious as to why we would need to use the miniconnector rather than just use the usb?  That's a step backwards imho.

I haven't tried the draws hat or image yet, but i can run my 7200 and fldigi off a straight pi with only the usb.  

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