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Basil Gunn

There are a couple of possibilities.

It is possible to configure Direwolf to gate traffic to the Internet. If
you did NOT touch the direwolf.conf file then you are most likely OK
since my scripts do not configure Direwolf to do this.

It is possible that you have configured Xastir to gate packets to the
Internet. In Xastir check Interface -> Interface control, select Device
0 Networked AGWPE, click on properties. Verify under 'IGate Options'
that 'Disable all IGate traffic' is selected.

You might have an application loaded on your RPi that broadcasts on all
network interfaces. Verify that iptables has the policy the install
scripts should have setup. Run script, you should see
these addresses are dropped,,

To understand your problem I would need to look at the offending packets
that your coordinator is referring to. For instance is he referring to
broadcast/multicast packets from some application or is he referring to
APRS packets gated to the Internet by you. You could ask your
coordinator to send you a copy of the packets they saw or you could
capture them yourself.

# From a console window
# Install tcpdump
apt-get update
apt-get install tcpdump

# Run tcpdump
sudo tcpdump -e -vvv -i wlan0

Hope this is helpful.

/Basil n7nix

okiejim <> writes:

My Draws hat with Xastir is sending packets out over my wifi when I
have it on. When I turn off my wifi it sends the packets out via a
normal digipeater on the rf side. I found this out when a coordinator
in the area said I was doing this and I was wondering what I have set
up wrong to have it doing this. I do not have any digi setup on Xastir
that I am aware off. Can anyone help direct me to what I did wrong. I
want to wifi on so I can remote desktop to the Pi. Thank you *.*

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