Re: Testing AX.25 #draws

Basil Gunn

ax25-status command gave the expected output but netstat --ax25 did
not populate any sockets and mheard did not populate any calls.
Should be able to fix that with console output request in previous message.

Direwolf is receiving according to tail -f command and is transmitting
test beacons.

Just wondering what if anything this means or if it is a concern.
Send an example of what you are seeing.

Lol, my first position beacon put me in the San Juan Islands... I wish! I fixed that.
My fault. This is fixed in the latest version of debug/
There is a similar script debug/ that beacons as well.

Both of these scripts now read the gps position from the gps.

To get the lastest scripts

cd n7nix
git pull


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