Re: FT-847 PTT with wsjt-x not working #draws


John and John,
Thank you for getting back to me. No I havea not had a chance to chase this down. My shack build is taking up alot of time. Im buiilding the shack in a RV Toyhauler that is why the
Draw Hat was so important to me. I will do some work with it this week. I saw an article on HamLib that said you could use RTS with the comport the same of the CAT port. I will try that first.
And yes I do use two cables the CAT cable has to be a null modem cable. It does work on my 847 and the Draws. More to come sorry for the delay.

On Mon, Apr 22, 2019 at 10:32 PM <jstnsclark@...> wrote:
OK, I am starting to understand it. Sorry, i am new to HAM and very new to the whole digital side of things. Its a learning curve and I am taking it on head first. hah
Thanks John for the help and continued support. I will do some more researching into what GPIO to select in FLDigi

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