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Fair enough, I stand corrected.  Even as I hit send, I more or less knew I was wrong and should have said simply "uncompressed audio".  Still, every time you convert to a lossy format, audio data is lost, and we don't have much to work with from the get-go.

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>Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2012 Time: 07:32:08
> >There is no analog audio near a DV Dongle (have you
> >ever managed to get an analog signal down a USB bus? ;) ).
> >
>Yup. I do it every day. On my TS-590S. Mostly analog data tones, but
>sometimes analog DV tones. Audio codec in the radio, codec driver in the
>PC. USB cable in between. Works very well.

But you are NOT passing analog audio down the USB cable. You're
passing digital PCM to a USB sound device built into the
radio. Semantics are important in this discussion, and my point
still stands, there are no analog signals around a DV Dongle, just an
AMBE coded bitstream and a PCM bitstream (plus commands to the dongle
and status/responses back).

73 de VK3JED / VK3IRL

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