Good 2m rig?

Steve McGrane <temporarilyoffline@...>

Is there a list of known compatible (or at least community aware working) radios?
My FT-891 is working fine on the HF side of things (should be back any day now) and I'm working on my TM-281, but I'm flying blind creating an interface cable and hoping for the best. 

Last night I spent a bit of time looking for a 2m radio with a data connector (really hoping to find one with a useful DIN-6 connector already).  But as you know the people that make and sell radios have never once tried to buy one and their websites are just "lovely".
Callum does a better job explaining it than I do:
What I would love to see is a list of radios side by side with features and a set of useful filter check boxes to narrow down the array of choices.  Similar to my missive above:  "Show me all 2m capable radios with a data port"

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