Re: Bridging the digital voice and data gap

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At 08:52 AM 8/3/2012, you wrote:

Fair enough, I stand corrected. Even as I hit send, I more or less knew I was wrong and should have said simply "uncompressed audio". Still, every time you convert to a lossy format, audio data is lost, and we don't have much to work with from the get-go.
True, but in my experience, there is still a big difference between transcoding to PCM and going all the way to analog and back. With the latter, you add a D/A and A/D converter, you're relying on the antialiasing/reconstruction filters to be good, and the quality of the intervening audio stages (which can be suspect in 2 way radios).

You are right that there are still losses converting between the formats. Only one way to find out if it's too bad or not. ;)

73 de VK3JED / VK3IRL

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