Re: Good 2m rig?

Al Szymanski <aszy@...>

Not so much as a reply , but a genuine question.
Why do so many of you want a DIN-6 port? Technology-wise, it's almost 50 years old. It's huge. If you could , wouldn't you rather have a 2-Meter rig with a Mini-USB, Micro-USB or ( yuck ) USB-C ? Is it the throughput? Is it because "It's what all my cables are already" ?
My perspective is that it's an issue to connect any HT to a computer and have it behave nicely. 1) gotta have the right USB to whatever is offered as a data/mic/speaker port. 2) depending on the OS , you gotta have / find the drivers for this unique cable so that the computer will recognize it and 3) now that the radio and computer "CAN" talk to each other, can it communicate? Was that 9600 baud or 14400? Is there a CRC?
Our cellphones do this with nearly no effort - why can't manufacturers?

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