Re: Using a PiDrive with Draws Hat #draws #pidrive


I unplugged all my accessories and also unhooked the drive power from the Pi. So I have two power inputs at this time. The Pi is powered by the 12 volts from the Draws Hat and the Drive is powered via the USB cable to and external USB charger. I have beta13 running and had it on all night. No smoke and still running. I have not hooked it up to a radio yet but I do suspect it will run fine. I will try a radio later on once I build up a cable. I plan to run Xastir with a TenTec 1220 2m kit. More to come. At this time I am not going to try to hook the drive up to the pi. I think that may have been the over draw that caused the smoke signal not sure yet but nothing burned out yet.

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