Re: 2m rig Update

Basil Gunn

Verify the DRAWS hat
Disconnect the cable from your radio but plug into DRAWS hat
on the open connector put your volt meter on what you think is the PTT pin

Manually turn the gpio for PTT on & off

Left connector:
gpio -g write 12 1
PTT Off:
gpio -g write 12 0
PTT Check:
gio -g read 12

Right connector:
gpio -g write 23 1
PTT Off:
gpio -g write 23 0
PTT Check:
gio -g read 23

Verify your radio

Disconnect the cable from DRAWS hat & connect to radio.
Ground the pin you think is the PTT pin ... did your radio transmit?
Un-ground the PTT pin ... did the radio stop transmitting?


Steve McGrane <> writes:

I got some time today (its raining!) to play with this.

Initially the script would run and not trip the PTT
circuit. So I re-wired the cable and after looking more closely, I don't
even understand why it worked in the first place. I think originally I had
the speaker from the radio connected to the ground pin on the draws din6
connector??? maybe the ground is "noisy enough" that it got picked up

Here is my rewire:


(I'm guessing that a common ground would help out. The DRAWS and the radio
are plugged into the same power supply, so this could also be creating a

And the results are that will trip the PTT, but will not
stop PTTing.

The DRAWS will both send and receive APRS messages using XASTIR. XASTIR
repeats the "text message" several times and has the same "won't stop
PTTing" problem.

So its progress... but it comes at a price.

1. Any ideas on the won't stop PTTing issue?
2. If you think I'm making a ground loop and shouldn't let me know.

- Steve

On Sat, May 25, 2019 at 8:19 PM Basil Gunn <> wrote:

To debug PTT issues:
Use the 'How to use' notes here:

Use left & right connector locations and either tune a second radio to
the same frequency as your test radio so you can hear the tone or watch
your radio to see if it transmits. If that doesn't work you have a cable


Steve McGrane <> writes:

Follow-up to the cable issue.

I've double checked the setup. If I put the hand mic back in line and
Press PTT, my receiving radio breaks squelch, so it would seem that the
circuit is not activating from DRAWS.

I checked with Basil's notes and I've got PTT setup for 12 & 23. For
grins, I've reversed the GPIO numbers and cables such that I've hit all
combos of l/r ports and 12/13 GPIOs. still no joy.

Any thoughts?

On Fri, May 24, 2019 at 7:25 PM Temporarily Offline <> wrote:

So far I can receive only.

I'm getting a little screwed up in the pin labeling and what side of the
cable I'm on.

What I have so far:

Cable from DRAWS w/end cut reveals

Pin 6 Green
Pin 5 Black
Pin 4 Orange
Pin 3 Yellow
Pin 2 Brown
Pin 1 Red

Radio uses an RJ-45 MIC cable and a speaker audio

Pin 1 N/C
Pin 2 DC 8V
Pin 3 GND
Pin 4 PTT
Pin 5 GND (MIC)
Pin 6 MIC
Pin 7 N/C
Pin 8 DTMF Data

Plus TRS on rear audio 1/8th jack

I have
DRAWS = Radio
1 = 6
2 = 5
3 = 4
4 = N/C
5 = Rear Speaker TIP
6 = N/C

Any thoughts?

On Fri, May 24, 2019 at 6:47 PM David Lowry <> wrote:

Not sure if it is correct but is sure fills up my map.

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