Re: DRAWS Video #4

Ryan W Leathers

Michael asked the question about the usefulness of the DRAWS with a rig like the IC-7300.

The DRAWS is much more than a sound card and digital modes interface.  It is a convenient way to get highly accurate GPS position, clock, run a variety of interesting applications for rig control and digital modes without a bulky PC or laptop, and it does all this using the same 12v systems you already have for portable / mobile use.

The question for me is not about duplication of signaling style capabilities. Rather it is whether or not one plans on mobile / portable operation. This is where features like the GPS, small form factor, and power really put the DRAWS in a class of its own, at least in my opinion.

There are other ways to run digital modes on Linux in the shack, so DRAWS is just another option there. But in the field it's a different story. Nothing else comes close.

On Sat, Jun 15, 2019, 12:11 AM Michael Starling <mkstarling@...> wrote:

Have enjoyed your videos.  Am a computer guy but not much UNIX background.  Have gotten a 3b+ up and running with an ICOM 7300.

Wondering what your opinion is of the value of the DRAWS HAT is with that radio given that it already has the equivalent of a signal link built in.

Mike Starling

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