Re: 3D drawings?

Dale Atkin <dacelt43@...>

No problem. I've been given permission to create files. I should have something in the next couple of days (maybe as soon as tomorrow afternoon). I have some ideas for cases and have a Shapeways account to turn things into production items for the group. Please understand that I'm not doing this for profit. This will be in the spirit of Open Source. 

For me, I'm going to make a steam-punk DRAWS system. :) Brass, flashy lights, coils, etc., etc. Or maybe, I'll stuff it all into an old TRS-80... the possibilities are endless. For me, this isn't something that you put out of sight. It's genius that should be celebrated. Choose function, choose art, choose whatever. We need an Ecomm version. We need a classroom version, etc., etc. Maybe a wearable? Who knows? 


Dale KE8GTV  

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