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I would purchase one or more units if there were others in my region with which to communicate. I operate several analog FM voice repeaters on VHF & UHF; They have IRLP & Echolink capability. I also have the last full service AX25 packet system in Western Washington (linux based),  APRS Igate, WL2K packet RMS, HF scanning WL2K pactor/winmor RMS, etc. All of these services are available to EMCOMM, Medical Services, WA EMD, etc. What would be good is to be able to integrate these systems with a common high speed backbone. There used to be a AX25 network of sorts in the 80's and maybe early 90's, but throughput was unacceptably slow, as it was fragmented and unstandardized, mostly due to turf wars, power plays, politics, lockouts, exclusionary measures, and hoarding of information, and other such stupidity.  Assuming that we have all grown up and are older and wiser since then, perhaps we can replace the former poor excuse for a network with something that works well,  for all to use and enjoy.  I for one will work with those that will work with me, despite any difference of personal opinion we may have with each other. I just ask to be treated fairly, as an equal stake holder, and with a little bit of  respect.  I welcome the possibility brought forth by the introduction of this new hardware. Is there anyone in the South Puget Sound area that would like to collaborate with me on this project?

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Gary, K7EK

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