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Point well taken.

I have ordered a couple of the routers and will test them with
24db gain beams and perhaps with Rx/Tx amps on either end to see what
may be the reliable distance at a reasonable cost.

I agree that the routers alone, even with gain antennas, present the same challenge of many participants for adequate
coverage as D-Star and APRS - with less ease of portability.

There is also the challenge of extracting data to be delivered
or forwarded via other communication modes.

That said, a portable HSMM-Mesh network would be exceptionally
valuable to a field team (EOC, DMAT, Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc)
when a lot of data (images & text) needs to be shared among sub-teams.

I'm planning to test the system mobile this Fall as I take a
cross-country drive.


KD4E, I have had a few people suggest this to me and say essentially
"why bother with buying this expensive equipment". The answer, as I
see it is that, at 2.4GHz you need a much higher density of
participants. It's great in theory but I think would be tough to pull
off. Of course I don't mean that it wouldn't be good to have. It
would be another tool in the toolbox. But in my experience, it is
more important to have a group of people that actively train with
equipment and are familiar with procedures and each other than it is
to have lots of cheap equipment and no organization. Again, not
meaning to be negative. I think it would be good to have HSMM-Mesh
too. I just think I would rather work in a smaller dedicated group
that is used to working together.

Thanks! & 73,
David Colburn
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