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I was referring to use on the amateur bands.  MARS, to the best of my knowledge, has never had access to wideband UHF channels.  We had some channels in the 406-420 MHz in the past, but I believe they were lost when DHS started screaming for more…




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I asked my state MARS director (Navy-MC MARS) about the use of this for our state and was told that Navy-MC MARS does not have any UHF frequencies. In other words, as an organization we cannot use this radio. It was a real bummer to hear since I think this would be a fabulous application for ECOM and statewide traffic routing.


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> And another milepost on the road to critical mass.
> Just received this from Army MARS
> "My Winlink users are crying for something like this! Any news on availability?"
> Bryan

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