Re: Net-44 New TOS/AUP

Kristoff Bonne <kristoff@...>

Hi John,

On 22-09-12 06:47, John D. Hays wrote:

Still a little technical work to be done but start your planning for new IP focused amateur radio networks.

Need a HSMM network space?
Need a fixed  IP for a repeater, remote control station, gateway, ROIP, etc.
Need a few routable IP addresses for multiple instances of an application that uses a well known TCP or UDP port?
I have a few slides from my short presentation at DCC today that I will make available in the next few days.
A small working group, to which I was honored to be included, worked out guidelines for the creation of this AUP over the last few months and it was published today.
To bad the DCC presentations are not live streamed on the internet.

Are the documents of the working-group already available somewhere?

John D. Hays
Kristoff - ON1ARF

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