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I believe that what you are doing is the most important
modern development in Amateur Radio - bar none.

It sure would make real sense for our communications
hobby to not be chopped-up into tiny mode-fiefdoms that cannot

At a minimum a simple text message should be able to
hop across modes in order to make it point-to-point. This
would be invaluable for emergency communications as well as
portable communications where antennas and power-levels can
be a challenge.

I have long-since lost what little coding and scripting
skills I once owned but sure would like to help with field
testing as that time comes.

FYI: I have a Linux-only setup here - no time for the
sloppy MS code and security and their growing Apple-like
assumption that all users are dumb rubes.

Thanks! & 73,

David KD4E

Still a little technical work to be done but start your planning for
new IP focused amateur radio networks.

Need a HSMM network space?

Need a fixed IP for a repeater, remote control station, gateway,
ROIP, etc.

Need a few routable IP addresses for multiple instances of an
application that uses a well known TCP or UDP port?

I have a few slides from my short presentation at DCC today that I
will make available in the next few days.

A small working group, to which I was honored to be included, worked
out guidelines for the creation of this AUP over the last few months
and it was published today.


John D. Hays
K7VE PO Box 1223, Edmonds, WA 98020-1223 <>


Thanks! & 73,
David Colburn
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