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Some comments from someone who actually is from Germany and grew up on the
metric system. And yes, sorry to say but the US is pretty much the only country in
the western world on he Imperial system, the UK uses a mix of both.

The k in Kilogram indeed is lower case as is the c the d the m (centi, deci, milli).
There is a space between the 70 and the cm or m or km or mm or you name it.

Not so sure at the moment about the DC 12V .. most I have seen is simply 12 V or
220 V with either ~ (AC) or = (DC) as leading sign.

bps vs b/s is the same. You need to define the relation of one unit to the other. If you
omit that it's not clear. If I say b/s (or km/h or m/h) the it's unmistakenly defining the
relationship between the two. Of course everybody in the IT field knows what bps are,
but outside maybe not :).

As a side note, it's always interesting to see as a European living in this very nice country
how easily offended Americans can get when they have to learn or deal with the fact that
the US is not the center of the universe, and not everybody is looking to the US only to see
how to do things.

73 Mike K5TRI

On 11/24/2012 9:56 AM, qrv@... wrote:

Who created that "training exercise" and who claims it is taught
worldwide and accepted everywhere?

It is a favorite hobby of wanna-be one-world everything to claim
that the USA is wrong ... and an island of non-conformity ... sigh.

I think someone is borrowing credibility for pet-peeves by claiming
consensus where it does not exist.

> After a recent presentation I was approached by a fellow Ham who
> noted that my presentation did not conform to SI (International
> system of units). He offered a training exercise in the proper usage
> which I accepted. I must admit, I was ignorant of SI prior to that
> time.
> Apparently, SI is taught in grade school throughout the world,
> whereas my US education seems to be lacking.
> So I went through my material fixing obvious offenders, like proper
> capitalization and the use of a space between value and units.
> the K in kilo should be lowercase 70cm should be 70 cm 12VDC should
> be DC 12 V (looks pretty awkward to me)
> I then learned that bps should be b/s and dBm don't exist. Further
> ppm is incorrect.
> Now I've never seen b/s used by anyone, anywhere and I certainly
> wouldn't want a table of values expressed as:
> dB referenced to 1 mW
> instead of dBm
> When I purchase an oscillator, tolerance is expressed in ppm, so
> apparently the manufacturers are unaware of their non-conforming
> usage.
> Am I out of touch with reality? Are you offended by 56 kbps?
> I'd like to hear others thoughts on this, particularly those of you
> educated somewhere other than the US
> Bryan


Thanks! & 73,
David Colburn
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