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Im waiting patiently so I can do some nxdn testing with the ambe+2 codec, as the dvsi dongle I have is not cost worthly, and an Ethernet based ambe+2 would be awesome…  just sad I was not offered a beta unit L






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Basil is implementing a Tracker function for the UDR with a GPS.

I posted an inquiry on the APRSsig and received a few responses which I have put together as a market requirements spec. Here's the results for your review and comments.

OK Here's the base unit

NW Digital Radio UDR56K-4
25W 70cm mobile transceiver 4800 to 56kbps AX.25/D-STAR
Web-Based Control App accessed via Ethernet or USB/WiFi adapter
use any PC, Netbook, Mac, iOS or Android Device
Web-Based Email App for Winlink Client Access
RGW RMS Gateway
DV-Gateway D-STAR Gateway

Thanks to the group for helping define the Market requirements for APRS. Santa has something for all of your Stockings. I think we have everything except external switches. I have some spare digital I/O but no room for a connector. I'll look into this on the final spin.

UDR-Track, an open source APRS tracker on Linux

External GPS
USB/Bluetooth adapter
USB/RS-232 adapter

In Bill Vodall's Stocking
Tracker Functionality per TT4 et al

For Steve Noskowicz
Sleep Mode for Power Saving

For Charles Bland
Builtin: DC Voltage/Current, RF Power FWD/Reflected, Date/Time from RTC/GPS/ntp, Temp Ambient/PA
Other via USB Digital Analog I/O WX etc

For Bob Burns
Web-Based Control/Messaging App
File based multiple profiles (virtually unlimited)
Scriptable selection with RTC access (cron-job)

and for Phil Lapsley
APRX IGate with Web Interface

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