MicroHAMS Digital Conference - March 23, 2013

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Event information is available here: http://www.microhams.com/mhdc

I'm happy to announce the six annual MicroHAMS Digital Conference! The event is scheduled for March 23, 2013 and will again be held on the Microsoft 'Studio West' campus, located in Redmond, WA. The agenda this year is a little different then previous years, rather then covering a wide variety of topics, it is very focus on digital networking.

We have talks about two local efforts which are currently underway and are leveraging off the shelf wireless networking technology for Amateur radio. The NW-MESH effort is a spin-off of the ARRL HSMM program, which has been getting lots of traction the last couple months. The HamWAN project is attempting to provide a high speed wireless backbone for the greater Seattle area and we'll get an update on its status. Additionally the guys from NWDigitalRadio will be back to give us an update on the very cool UDK56K digital transceiver, which was one of the coolest things announced at Dayton last year. (And we got a sneak peak at MHDC last year) Finally we'll get a run down of interesting things you can do with the Raspberry Pi, which is being leveraged all over ham radio since its introduction last year.

Because of space limitations and parking requirements on the Microsoft campus, we are strongly suggesting pre-registering for the event. Registration is $30.00 if done prior to the event and will be $35.00 at the door. We have a web-based sign-up form (details below) and have arranged pre-payment via the Paypal service. (No Paypal account is necessary) In addition to the presentations, a demo area will be setup along side the conference space and door prizes will be given away.

Event Details
Date: March 23, 2013
Location: Redmond, WA (on the 'Studio West' Microsoft campus)
Time: 8:30 to 17:00+
Lunch: Sub sandwiches (provided)
After Event: Pizza Gathering (local pizza place, to be named later)
Cost: $30 if pre-registered and $35 at the door
Registration Available Now! (See the site)
Agenda Available on the site

Kenny, KU7M

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