Re: [dstar_digital] Anyone have pics of new dstar radio fromdayton

Matthew Pitts <daywalker_blade_2004@...>

It was good to meet you as well, John. Thank you for the information; it will be useful at some point in the near future.

Matthew Pitts


On Mon, May 21, 2012 11:11 PM EDT John wrote:

Hi Matthew,

It was good to meet you in person at Dayton.

The chassis connector will be a solid, high reliability connector. I don't have the model number handy, but it has leads for you to create your own mating interface like Anderson Power Poles.

--- In, Matthew Pitts <daywalker_blade_2004@...> wrote:


What power connector is planned for this; many EmComm units have standardized on the Anderson Power Pole, so it would be nice to have this as an option at least.

Matthew Pitts

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