Re: UDR Network?

"ka1mzy" <ka1mzy@...>

Wow no kidding.

Might be stepping on one another with that kind of concentration! :)

Glad to see the interest in this. I'm going to enjoy the unit myself as well. Hopefully it fills in a bit of a gap locally here where I am in Texas.

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Are you still located in the Seattle area?

There is a large number of us in the greater Seattle area that have signed up to buy.

Kenny, KU7M

--- In UniversalDigitalRadio@..., Tom Hayward <esarfl@> wrote:

How long until the UDR Network map is up? I'd really like to know if
there are other pre-orders in my area.

I suspect there are quite a few people waiting to place their
pre-order until they see someone in their area, so posting a map might
give you a more accurate order estimate.


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