What works out of the box?

Dean Gibson AE7Q <yahoo@...>

  1. If I buy just one UDR w/ AMBE3000 board, what can I do with it, out of the box?  Can I talk to other DV radios and repeaters?  What hardware do I need?  Besides the obvious control/display interface (presumably HTTP), I assume that I need a microphone, speaker, and some sort of gadget (USB sound dongle?) to talk/listen?
  2. If I buy two UDRs without DV boards, what can I do with the two of them, out of the box?  Presumably, they can talk to each other and send Ethernet data back and forth.  Can one UDR w/o AMBE fake the normal DV data mode, with no sound in the voice stream?
  3. Why can't the UDR be a full-duplex repeater?  Presumably TX/RX shielding/isolation within the box?  If so, do you have a secret, second (repeater) product in the works?

Inquiring minds want to know ... I could sell my two ID-880H radios for about the cost of two UDRs, if they were reasonable replacements; ie, could talk (and do data) to existing D-Star radios.

Do you have an FAQ section on the web site?  I didn't find it.

-- Dean

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