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If I have one UDR w/AMBE, how do I control the frequency and keying? If this is done via the Web Interface, can the freq be set with repeater offsets?
Yes via the web interface and yes we support offsets.

If I have two UDR's in DD mode. Can I extend my home network over them? (Do they basically operate the same as the ID-1's?)
Yes they conform to the DD protocol the same as an ID-1

Are their any draft manual avail?
We are writing app notes for each of the applications, The user interface is self-explanatory and has built-in tips and help.

1. If I buy just one UDR w/ AMBE3000 board, what can I do with it, out
of the box? Can I talk to other DV radios and repeaters? What
hardware do I need? Besides the obvious control/display interface
(presumably HTTP), I assume that I need a microphone, speaker, and
some sort of gadget (USB sound dongle?) to talk/listen?
A USB Headset with PTT or vox will allow you to use the UDR in DV mode. Control is via the web app.

*** Roadmap Only, this is not a product announcement
A future version of the app will let you use the speaker/headset on your pad or phone for the voice using vox.

2. If I buy two UDRs without DV boards, what can I do with the two of
them, out of the box? Presumably, they can talk to each other and
send Ethernet data back and forth. Can one UDR w/o AMBE fake the
normal DV data mode, with no sound in the voice stream?
Yes you can use DD mode as above and yes you could use D-RATS with no voice although I wouldn't recommend it.

3. Why can't the UDR be a full-duplex repeater? Presumably TX/RX
shielding/isolation within the box? If so, do you have a secret,
second (repeater) product in the works?
The IQ XCVR Chip does not support full duplex.

*** Roadmap Only, this is not a product announcement
First we will create a full-duplex repeater using 2 udrs connected via ethernet and release the software. There is no schedule for this at this time.

Then we will build a 1U unit that has a udr with a second radio board for receive. The cpu is designed to talk to 2 radio boards. Think 2014.

Inquiring minds want to know ... I could sell my two ID-880H radios for
about the cost of two UDRs, if they were reasonable replacements; ie,
could talk (and do data) to existing D-Star radios.

Do you have an FAQ section on the web site? I didn't find it.
Going up this weekend.

-- Dean

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