Re: What works out of the box?

"k7udr" <bhhoyer@...>

I'm just thinking of a repeater tied up with dead air possibly annoying voice users. I suppose one could use a dv dongle and capture an AMBE encoded canned message to include.

There are certainly use cases where this would be ok.

John's our D-STAR expert so I'll let him answer any further discussion.

--- In, Mark L Friedlander <marklfriedlander@...> wrote:

Thanks for the informative post, It answered many of my questions too but
now I have to ask why did you write, "yes you could use D-RATS with no
voice although I wouldn't recommend it." Why don't you recommend this? I
was thinking I'd host a D-RATs Ratflector on a UDR56K.

73 Mark KV4I

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