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Several years ago, I was working as a CTO of a government organization. We were low on funds to purchase public access PCs that we put in the libraries for people to use, but had a room full of discarded desktop computers from a recent replacement project. We had no extra seats of Microsoft products for these computers.

We put a flavor of Linux and OpenOffice on those PCs, deployed them to 4 different libraries and had zero complaints.

After a bit of tweaking, Linux looked so much like Windoze that the casual user didn't notice a serious difference. Five years later, that practice is still in use - when used desktop PC's are replaced, they go to the libraries and to the jail for use, running Linux, costing the local government nothing. 

There is nothing to worry about. Linux is generally more stable that Windows XP and at least as easy to use. This is nothing to fret about.


Mickey N4MB

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Hi all,

I was with a small group of hams this weekend talking about the radio. One of them mentioned that he was not interested in the radio because he did not know Linux. I think there might be some marketing issues here. I do believe that there will be web pages for set up ans applications so a user does not have to use the Linux command line? Or is that later? 

Tons of non Linux users out there.

Steve N0FPF

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