Multiple Applications / Modes simultaneously running on the UDR56K-4

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General guidelines:
  1. We don't have an exhaustive list of every possible combination of applications an operator might want to run.  We will not be able to tell the impact of every combination that you can come up with. (And you really want us to stay focused on getting basic modes running individually first, right? Remember we are a 4 person team, with some support from spouses and friends.)  We'll try to give high level answers, but often it will be a best "guess" with the proof left to the implementer.
  2. We will have standard configurations for common uses, such as RMS Gateway, iGate, D-STAR Gateway, D-STAR Voice, D-STAR data, for ease of use by those who have a specific application in mind.  If one is mixing applications, then it may be trial and error, combined with community support via this forum.
  3. This radio has a built-in Linux "server" computer.  It is reasonably powerful, but not as powerful as current generation desktop systems, so one should decide what is an efficient use of its computer and what might be offloaded to another computer and be accessed via the network.
  4. The UDR56K-4 has one half-duplex 70cm radio, at first release it will not be dynamically mode agile, e.g. if you want to run AX.25 at 9600 baud, you set the radio to that mode.  If you want it to be a D-STAR DV radio (including D-RATS) you set the radio to that mode, If you want it to be a D-STAR DD radio you set it to that mode. (Like going between USB, FM, AM, and CW on your rig -- you set it for the current task.)   The radio isn't going to automatically switch between operating modes on its own (maybe in the future). 
  5. Some possible configurations [no product commitments in this list, it is just of some ideas we have thought about -- as we try them out, we'll provide application notes on the company website over the next weeks and months]:
    • One might hook a TNC and Analog radio through USB port to gateway between legacy AX.25 systems and the higher speed UDR56K-4
    • One might hook a node adapter or DVRPTR board to a USB on the UDR56K-4 to add a receiver (for a repeater or second 'hotspot' or for diversity receive) or a second node to the D-STAR Gateway.
    • One might interconnect with servers and other devices over Ethernet or Wifi - for example a Raspberry Pi and TNC-Pi board can relay traffic over Ethernet to the UDR56K-4
    • One could conceivably run a USB WiFi access point or MESH node in conjunction with the UDR56K-4 
  6. Some of these configurations have been partially tested, some should just work but haven't been tested, and so forth. 
We need to walk a bit before we run :) 

We hope that users will "run with their ideas" and share what they learn on this forum -- as soon as we can get radios built and shipped!  If we see a challenge to what someone is proposing, we'll try to explain alternatives :)

[Links to specific examples of add-on devices is for reference only. NW Digital Radio is not affiliated with these companies or products and cannot represent nor endorse their specific capabilities or offerings. The reader is responsible for their own due diligence when searching for suitable enhancement products to use with their UDR56K-4.]

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