Re: Multiple Applications / Modes simultaneously running on the UDR56K-4

Mark L Friedlander <marklfriedlander@...>

 I knew the UDR56K-4 could do DSTAR data in DV mode but wasn't aware until John posted that the UDR56K also had DSTAR DD capability. Aside from the frequency, power and speed, does the UDR56K-4 DD mode function in the same manner as the Icom ID-1?

Can one use two UDR56K-4 as a radio Ethernet bridge to interface two computers over the air?

73 Mark KV4I

On Sun, Apr 7, 2013 at 10:49 AM, k7udr <bhhoyer@...> wrote:

Thanks John for getting this thread going.

As John pointed out the radio is in one mode at a time, so running D-STAR and packet apps simultaneously is out for now.

There are other things one could do, but there are issues with the reality of the world we play in.

For example, in 9k6 packet mode one could simultaneously run RMS Gateway and APRS IGate in software. The problem is they are on 2 different channels, each of which is a dedicated resource (please don't suggest scanning as a solution).

This is why I proposed the hailing channel for packet radio at DCC last September (I'll be giving the presentation again at Comms Academy in Seattle).

The UDR is the first radio capable of implementing such a concept. I'm sure all of you have your own ideas what we might do with it. The successful ideas will be those that local groups implement, then publish their results for others to use.

Let the experiments begin!

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