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I'd like to generalize this question and answer.

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Will LinBPQ be suported as wel? or is winlink run trough BPQ?
73 Andre PE1RDW

Will "My Favorite Application" (MFA) be supported?

This is a more nuanced question than it appears.  The UDR56K-4 is an open platform, which means there will be applications and accessories that may come from NW Digital Radio (the manufacturer) or from 3rd parties (individuals, projects, and companies).

When asked if something is 'supported' there are different answers depending on the way it is implemented and delivered:
  1. The UDR56K-4, applications, and accessories as built by NW Digital Radio are supported by NW Digital Radio through a warranty, software updates and patches, and technical support.  NW Digital Radio will select certain applications for support based on market need and demand. (e.g. if 1000 customers want an application, it is more likely to be supported than one that has two or three interested customers.)
  2. There is software that can be installed based on the Linux distribution used (Debian).  This is usually a binary package with available source and is installed by a package manager (e.g. apt-get, synaptic, etc.)  These packages are 'supported' by their authors.  Their configuration and integration is left to the integrator, usually the owner of the UDR56K-4, with forums like this one where a community can provide experience and support.  An example of this is gpsd.
  3. Software or accessories that are generally available but may need to be adapted to work with the UDR56K-4.  An example may be a program that needs ported to the UDR56K-4 before it can be used. These are up to the individual to port themselves or find like minded members of the community to assist. Since the UDR56K-4 is an open platform, the sources of NW Digital Radio software will be available for review to aid the developer.  Support is solely on those who do the port or adaptation.  
If one has a program to port before their radio is delivered, generally a Sheeva Plug or Raspberry Pi (with soft floating point Debian) is a good test platform.  If you can compile and run the code on these devices they will likely be a simple port to the UDR56K-4.

If you are writing for the UDR56K-4 remember it does not have a display, so your programs are better served if they are command line / daemon programs.  If you need a display and are writing from scratch, we encourage the use of Web based interfaces.  If you want maximum interactivity and low overhead using the web look at node.js and for delivering your UI. Since this is a Debian system it is possible to use xrdp, vnc, or the X-Window system to remote GUI programs, but running GUI, even over the wire, adds overhead.

We look to have many programs ported and supported on the UDR56K-4 and this forum is a great place to share ideas, collaborate, announce, and support those applications.

John D. Hays
PO Box 1223, Edmonds, WA 98020-1223 

On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 12:00 PM, PE1RDW <pe1rdw@...> wrote:

Will LinBPQ be suported as wel? or is winlink run trough BPQ?
73 Andre PE1RDW

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