UDR56K-4 current draw / fuse

Dean Gibson AE7Q <yahoo@...>

I'm doing station power planning (West Mountain RigRunner 4012), and I note that the first set of specs said 12vDC @ 5A, but the more recent one says 6A.  Questions:
  1. Does that change w/ the AMBE board?
  2. Does that include the possible max draw from the USB ports?
  3. What fuse capacity do you recommend (5A, 7.5A, or 10A)?
  4. Is the UDR internally fused?
  5. Someone previously asked about the power connector.  I got the impression that it was not a standard connector, but you will provide both halves, or a cable (length?) that mates to the connector.  True?
  6. Dimensions (including footprint)?
  7. On how many sides are connectors (this also affects location planning)?  Any externally-visible LEDs (eg, On/TX/RX), or a header for the user to connect same?

-- Dean

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