Re: UDR56K-4 current draw / fuse

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Powerpoles add cost & unpredictability.

They are not waterproof (an odd choice for emcomm), they must
be assembled carefully or are prone to failure, they tarnish
over time and only partially self-clean during connect-disconnect
cycles (when tarnished they demonstrate high-loss for low current
and high current demands), and the most common connectors are
unsuitable for high current apps (requiring a higher amp-rated
non-interconnectable version of the PP 75a vs 35a). They are
also easily bumped loose, creating intermittent connections, or
completely apart.

I removed all of them and went back to sure-connect bare wire
and crimped wire connectors (they are cheap, simple, available everywhere) and terminals. Reliable & simple.

Most users almost never, if ever, interconnect with anyone nor
do they frequently connect and disconnect most of their gear -
once set up.


Was there any thought into using Anderson Powerpole connectors? These
seem to have grown in popularity in the Amateur community. I've
converted about 80% of my equipment, including power supplies, to

73, Brad KA3YAN

Thanks! & 73,
David Colburn
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