Re: UDR56K-4 current draw / fuse

"brad_ka3yan" <bradm75@...>

The cost is minimal, especially in bulk. They are not waterproof, but I don't remember reading that the UDR is waterproof, so the point is moot for this conversation.

You are totally right WRT sharing of equipment. My mileage does very though when it comes to moving equipment around. I frequently configure and reconfigure depending on the equipment I'm working with at the time. My shack space is limited and I'm a fidgeter. The PP connectors do make it much easier for me to change things around.

I will of course put PP connectors on the end of the factory provided power cable. This was just a question of whether there was consideration of using PP instead of a non-standard Molex. I say "non-standard" because the OEMs can't seem to agree on a single power connector. Look at Icom's offerings. The IC-706 uses a 6-pin Molex while the IC-7000 uses a 4-pin. This doesn't even account for inconsistencies from OEM to OEM.

No worries though, I'll keep on doing what I've been doing. It was just a question.


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