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I note that no radio manufacturer uses power-poles nor do they appear in any automotive, marine, aviation or appliance applications that I am aware of. I have used them and the experience has been similar to what others have reported.

The physical contact on the RAST-5 is identical to the contacts in the familiar T-Connector found on many VHF/UHF Mobile Radios. I prefer board mount connectors over pig-tails from a manufacturing perspective.

In a pinch anyone with a standard crimp tool and a couple of female quick connects can build a reliable power cable for the UDR. As John stated, please use the connector of your choice on the other end, be it power-pole, cigarette lighter etc...

Bryan - K7UDR

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I'm still playing the PP game, and all my equipment is converted over...
but I find them to be frustrating for all the reasons you cite, and am
considering switching to a more secure connection.

That being said, I'm a starving college kid, and only have one rig that
moves from my desk and my Jeep quite regularly, making straight wire
connections less feasible. I'm also concerned about wearing out a molex
connector under heavy usage. I do want the same connector on all equipment,
but your quite right about never interconnecting with other station's
equipment... it's hard to even imagine a need, but I intend to carry a
pigtail from my eventual solution to PP in my go bag, just in case.

Bringing it back to topic, I'm quite used to having to build pigtails for
all my radios. I like to preserve the factory connectors when possible, and
run to PowerPoles from there. Complaining about the factory connector seems
rather silly.
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Powerpoles add cost & unpredictability.

They are not waterproof (an odd choice for emcomm), they must
be assembled carefully or are prone to failure, they tarnish
over time and only partially self-clean during connect-disconnect
cycles (when tarnished they demonstrate high-loss for low current
and high current demands), and the most common connectors are
unsuitable for high current apps (requiring a higher amp-rated
non-interconnectable version of the PP 75a vs 35a). They are
also easily bumped loose, creating intermittent connections, or
completely apart.

I removed all of them and went back to sure-connect bare wire
and crimped wire connectors (they are cheap, simple, available
everywhere) and terminals. Reliable & simple.

Most users almost never, if ever, interconnect with anyone nor
do they frequently connect and disconnect most of their gear -
once set up.


Was there any thought into using Anderson Powerpole connectors? These
seem to have grown in popularity in the Amateur community. I've
converted about 80% of my equipment, including power supplies, to

73, Brad KA3YAN

Thanks! & 73,
David Colburn
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