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Hi John,

well, UDR56K - sounds good and promising.

Can I have few questions:

- RF TX power 25W is for 100% TX cycle? No degradation or switching to low RF power level?
- any additional cooling systems for 25W RF power and 100% cycle?
- what is RX/TX time (TX delay)? Electronic or mechanical RX/TX switching?
- RX: conventional or SDR (I/Q)?
- bandwidth of I/F filters for different speed (switching filters)? Type of filters?
- two points modulation (VCO + VC-TCXO)?
- RX multisignal selectivity?
- direct interface to TRX?
- availability of description of internal interfaces?
- kit availability?
- do you plan to demonstrate any concept of UDR56K in Friedrichafen, Germany in June 22-24?

Good luck with the UDR56K project!

Karen, RA3APW

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