Re: UDR56K-4 current draw / fuse

Dean Gibson AE7Q <yahoo@...>

On 2013-04-15 11:02, brad_ka3yan wrote:

You are totally right WRT sharing of equipment.  My mileage does vary though, when it comes to moving equipment around.  I frequently configure and reconfigure depending on the equipment I'm working with at the time.  My shack space is limited and I'm a fidgeter.  The PP connectors do make it much easier for me to change things around.

Your last sentence is an understatement (especially for the experimenter).  The convenience factor cannot be overstated, and no other connection standard that I have seen comes close.  I have a WestMountain 4012 RigRunner (12 outlets + 1 input), and with the addition of the UDR56K-4, it would be full except for the two SLA/AGM 18Ah batteries that are connected to a WestMountain PowerGate instead.  Like you, I often move things around;  I have a separate 4008 RigRunner (along with a Pelican case) that I use for portable operations. -- the UDR will replace the (spare) MFJ tuner to the right of the Heathkit digital clock.  A USB port from the UDR56K-4 will have a Prolific USB-to-serial converter connected to a Digi International PortServer TS8 (eBay: $41), that allows remote control of the the UDR56K-4 (and my other four radios† with RS232-compatible serial data ports) via the Internet‡, leaving the UDR56K-4's Ethernet port free for transparent TCP/IP over-the-air.

No, I am not a spokesperson/salesperson/investor/owner of WestMountain.  I am disappointed that they do not make a 4016 model RigRunner (grin).

-- Dean

† The ID-1 has a USB serial port, and that port is connected to the Internet via a Digi International AnywhereUSB box (eBay: $108).

‡ I don't really need to control my radios via the Internet, but from a computer in another room is nice.  I have another Digi International PortServer TS2 in the garage, so I can upload settings and memories to my IC-2820H in the car, from upstairs in the house.

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