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I too have seen them on batteries inside ups units where I work, and all of the fork trucks in the building (probably over 100). I would think a slight covering of 'NoOx' compound used in electrical work or a similar grease compound would help keep the terminals connecting better.


On 04/15/2013 03:11 PM, Nate Bargmann wrote:
* On 2013 15 Apr 13:37 -0500, k7udr wrote:
> I note that no radio manufacturer uses power-poles nor do they appear
> in any automotive, marine, aviation or appliance applications that I
> am aware of. I have used them and the experience has been similar to
> what others have reported.

Elecraft is using Power Poles mounted to the RF board on the K3. I have
found them as connectors for batteries inside a UPS.

My experience with PP connectors has been quite positive over the years.
I don't move equipmet around much any more so that probably has a
bearing on my success.

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