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Marshall Denny <MarshallDenny@...>

I am interested in several project using the udr56k.

The first is testing several types of forward error correction at the higher speeds.

I what to find what works best so that we can use 56k bps under a wider range of rf conditions.  When we used 56k packet back east years ago, it was to temperamental for    general use.  I hope that a little or a lot of FEC will solve this problem.

For starters I would like to try a combination of LDPC and reed -solomon if the processor board has the throughput to do these in realtime.

Using a basic amount of FEC at lower speeds for packet could give us a guess if a higher speed is likely to work.  


On Mon, Apr 29, 2013 at 4:13 PM, John <john@...> wrote:

Hi Marshall,

Everyone is heads down leading up to Dayton.

What type of software are you planning.  It may help us understand what priorities our customers have for writing software?

--- In UniversalDigitalRadio@..., "marshalldennyai4cm" wrote:
> I don't want to rush NW Digital.
> But, I would like to get API's to the radio as they become finalized.
> This will allow me to start building some software before I get the radio.
> Respectfully,
> Marshall

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