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As we move forward to deployment, it occurs to me that the landscape for operating frequencies is anything but stable.

Here in Western Washington we have 19 - 25kHz simplex channels designated as packet, of which only 3 are contiguous, such that we could use them as a 100kHz high speed channel.

We also have 3 pairs designated as packet repeaters.

What are your thoughts on how to deploy the UDR in your area, particularly once we move past the current 4800 NB and 9600 baud rate limitations.

Bryan - K7UDR
In europe it should be no problem, region one has about 200 khz for duplex/relais packet, 400 khz simplex packet, and 3 all mode sections, one 500 khz, one 400 khz and one 600 khz, offcourse the all mode section are also used for wide band fm communication so might not always be available but are still often the best suited because in the simpelx and duplex packet sections are still a lot of laps active at 9k6

73 Andre PE1RDW

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