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"Chris B" <brizey02@...>

I think the Linux OS is a great platform for development, if it had a Windows OS, I'm sure the price would be very high and limit developers somewhat.

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A user would normally access radio functions either via a Web Browser or custom application running on their own computer under its operating system.

Many devices people use every day run a form of Linux and the user never knows. IOS on the iPhone/iPad are based on a Mach kernel (like Linux) and Android is a Linux based OS. Most home Internet routers are also Linux based.

If one is going to write new protocols or applications, then they will probably need some level of Linux knowledge, though one could cross compile and file copy for some applications.

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Hi all,
I was with a small group of hams this weekend talking about the radio. One
of them mentioned that he was not interested in the radio because he did
not know Linux.

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