Re: Updated Youtube demo of the UDR56K-4?

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Does seem more than reasonable to wait till the units are shipping. It can cause a fair amount of FUD if you start talking too much about a product that hasn't been released yet :).

But given that, I'd 2nd the call for a Youtube demo by someone who knows the ins and outs of the design. Demo setup of two units into dummy loads and make them talk. Watch it on a spectrum analyzer + analog-audio (buzz, buzz). Make it pretty :).

Reason being is from the press coverage of this radio, I blew it off as a yet another TNC bolted to a radio. Wasn't until the MicroHams conference where I talked to people 'in the know' and realized this was the digital experimenter's 70CM dream rig...I could get my hands in there and build on it. I pre-ordered 2 on the spot :).

Now many want a plug-and-play box, and I want an experimenter rig, and I realize we're different audiences (and one's bigger than the other, hehe). But telling everyone exactly what it is and isn't never hurts :).


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Hi Doug,

Thanks for spreading the word.

The purpose of the pre-order discount is to incentivize those individuals who are willing to work with a new unproven product (early adopters) and contribute to it's development. It's perfectly reasonable and expected that there will be a second wave (pragmatists) who get on board once the product has been proven.

It's in all of our best interest not to rush the decision-making process and thanks again for your support.


Reference: "Crossing the Chasm" by Gordon Moore, 1991

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I'm trying my hardest to spread the word about the UDR56K-4 here in CT, but many hams have adopted the "proof is in the pudding" theory.

Would it be possible to record and post an actual demo of the UDR56K-4's capabilities on Youtube? (The last discussion was Pacificon 2012 back in Oct 2012)

--73 de N1OBU (Doug)(FN41AN)

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