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Hi Mark

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I have some questions about Winlink on the UDR56K.

1) Is the UDR56K capable of performing as a Winlink 2000 UHF client without the need to add a soundcard or TNC?

The UDR has Paclink-UNIX installed, which allows for Client connectivity to RMS Gateways and Peer to Peer.

Paclink-UNIX supports IMAP, so you can use any email Client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Applemail etc. to compose or read your mail.

2) Does the Linux implementation of the WL2K software on the UDR56K include WINMOR? If so, can the UDR56K be interfaced via a USB port to an external sound device (such as a Signalink) connected to an HF radio?

Although I have heard rumors of a Linux version of Winmor being developed, I beleive it requires a FPU which we do not have.


Mark KV4I

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