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Thanks Bryan.

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Hi Mark

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> I have some questions about Winlink on the UDR56K.
> 1) Is the UDR56K capable of performing as a Winlink 2000 UHF client without the need to add a soundcard or TNC?


The UDR has Paclink-UNIX installed, which allows for Client connectivity to RMS Gateways and Peer to Peer.

Paclink-UNIX supports IMAP, so you can use any email Client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Applemail etc. to compose or read your mail.

> 2) Does the Linux implementation of the WL2K software on the UDR56K include WINMOR? If so, can the UDR56K be interfaced via a USB port to an external sound device (such as a Signalink) connected to an HF radio?


Although I have heard rumors of a Linux version of Winmor being developed, I beleive it requires a FPU which we do not have.


> Thanks,
> Mark KV4I

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