Re: No 2m but still an APRS igate?

Bill Vodall <wa7nwp@...>

the radio looks interesting but without a 2m radio how could it
reasonably be an APRS igate? I realize you can run APRS on many
frequencies but it's not much use running an igate when no one is using
your frequency. I'm asking because APRS is listed on the flyer.
The main reason I'd buy one of these radios today is to use as a home
digipeater and iGate for our 96UHF alternate APRS network. UHF and
9600 is plug and play with the Kenwood mobiles but doing 9k6 is a pain
with any other setup.

All you need to make an APRS alt channel is one (preferably two) IGate
on any other frequency. The hard part is getting folks to actually
make use of it. (9k6 is a disadvantage here too but that's another

Bill - WA7NWP

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