Re: Update on the UDR transceiver


An announcement was made at DCC this year

Here's a quick status:

We continue to code.  The main issue over late summer was difficulty with implementing the SOC (CPU) to our ADC/DAC chip.  Support for small design/manufacturing shops from the chip foundries leaves much to be desired and documentation is often incomplete.  This requires a lot of trial and error during driver work.   

The good news is that we seem to have had a good breakthrough on the driver and now the software defined modems can start exercising the RF section of the radio.  Much of the protocol / application work has been running for many months -- so end-to-end test and integration can proceed.

Our re-architecture of the radio / modem section made the implementation more complex (and extended work) but will lead to a better end product.

We will release updated schedules once we are able to complete integration and test.

We appreciate the support and growing interest.  Many of our future customers have told us that they prefer we "do it right" before release.

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I'm wondering if there is any update?

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Any update on the UDR56K radio?




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